Deep Heart out July 6

Deep Heart was released on July 6, 2018.

Tracking for this album was finished in December 2017, but there were a few delays:

On December 31, I had a brain hemorrhage from a ruptured aneurysm while I was preparing dinner for our New Year’s Eve party. I was only unconscious for a short time, but have lost some memory of that particular night and I was in the Intensive Care Unit for two weeks.  They told me more than once I could have died if I would have been alone.  The ambulance came quickly. The neurosurgeons at Rush Hospital are who I owe my life to. They performed surgery, entering my leg to put a coil in the aneurysm.  I am thankful for each new day to be alive. My worst lingering effect from the aneurysm is my vision. I hope this is a temporary loss.  My memory is back and I can play all the songs I love to play.

When I listen to these songs, I feel I knew something was amiss in my head but I was not ready to leave this world yet.

My mother passed away in March, and I miss her more than I thought I would.

I decided to change mix engineers for a new perspective on the mixing. Mastering engineer Bob Katz recommended Andrew Diaz who does some work in his studio.  This is now the fifth album Bob has mastered.