From Oliver Arditi’s review of Dandelion Exclusives:

This is a work of pronounced creative maturity, turning our attention to Kloba’s quizzical observations with a deft, un-manipulative touch, and employing the simple resources of guitar pop with singular power.

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Diane Marie Kloba returns to the airwaves, stage and media streams with her fifth solo album titled It Is All an Illusion. It is available worldwide now.The recording continues the sonic exploration of her work and with some return to alternative rock styles, it also introduces a broader use of synthesizer to set the mood.

This album has a different attitude and feel from her previous. The sarcasm, the verbal metaphors, the poetry and performance art are sublimated by the increased emphasis on the instrumental music.

The song themes are a development of the more haunting songs on I Am an Unknown Artist. The focus is on the struggle to rise above the effects of a sudden, unexpected loss. Still, before its conclusion, Diane Marie Kloba’s trademark hopefulness shines through, along with her fascination with weather and the heavens.

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