From Mark Whitby’s review of Ghost in the Museum:

You don’t just listen to a Diane Marie Kloba album: you live with it and absorb it. The reason there’s a danger of that sounding like pretentious bollocks is that we’re so familiar with artists who declare that kind of intent invariably failing to live up to their own professed vision.  Kloba makes no such claims: the music does the talking and the pointed whisper of Ghost in the Museum is the most beautiful articulation we’ve heard from it yet.

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Ghost In The Museum was  released January 26, 2016.


This album is a multi layered rich collection of songs using guitars, synthesizer and drums as the main back drop for poems with hidden dual meanings amidst haunting sonic atmosphere.

The album focuses on the spirit seemingly left behind in an artist’s chosen medium, be it painting, sculpting or music. The musical elements extend down to the center of the earth while vocals sweep you way back up to the North pole. Layers of bass are enhanced with melody creating dimension and space with large picturesque landscapes of sound. Instruments come in and out giving depth and variety to these short song/poems.