• Virgin State EP

    I am putting the finishing touches on my album Find a Road In now.

    Until it is ready I have just released a free download on Bandcamp with six tracks I produced for a two different sessions for Mark Whitby at Dandelion Radio in 2020 and 2021. The first three ended up on Orion Before Dawn in updated versions. The other will be included (in updated versions) on Find a Road In!

    I chose the title Virgin State because you can hear the songs in their virgin state:

  • Response to Orion Before Dawn

    Listeners of Dandelion Radio voted two songs from Orion Before Dawn onto the 2020 Festive 50 countdown. (which continues the tradition started by John Peel). “This is a Prayer” appeared at #27 and No Pause in Rhythm landed at #44! This is the third time I’ve appeared on the list, and the first time I have two songs in the list!

    Mastering Engineer Bob Katz had this to say on his Facebook Page:

    Performance artist from Chicago, a sincere woman who I am privileged to know. I’ve mastered several of her CDs. And the most recent “Orion Before Dawn”, I mastered and was mixed by one of my mix engineers, the extraordinaire Aaron PhatChief Gandia. Aaron invented, along with input from me, numerous super special effects to accompany these eclectic and loving poem-songs by Diane Marie.

    The album is doing well in Germany and the UK. It made a prestigious list at Dandelion Radio’s Festive Fifty. This is where people from all over the world vote for the best 50 songs of the year. Diane tells me this is the fourth time her music made this list, in the company of many well-known artistes. Two of the songs, “This is a Prayer” and “No Pause in Rhythm” made it to the list this year.

    For this album, Aaron and I wanted to help it tell a story. For example, “No Pause in Rhythm” has a rather eclectic rhythm to it.

    Diane wants to tell everyone that “the extreme joy and pride of knowing people listen to my music is a gift to me.”

  • Orion Before Dawn

    Orion Before Dawn was released September 21, 2020.

    It is a holistic album. Orion Before Dawn incorporates more electronic sounds in the music than previous releases.

    I hope my music makes people feel happy.