Unwashed Territories: I Am an Unknown Artist

From a review of I Am an Unknown Artist  at Unwashed Territories, by Mark Whitby, DJ from Dandelion Radio:

It’s something not bound by style descriptions or by musical conventions.  At times – as on ‘That’s How It Goes’ – the narrative quickly escapes any musical constraints and the result has a disjointed fascination that few of Kloba’s listed musical heroes could ever hope to obtain.  There are times when the jagged instrumentation attains something akin to a definable and sustained riff – as on ‘Diane Has Words’ – but once again the restless zeal for experimentation in this artist’s work never allows anything predictable or conventional to settle on it before the music escapes once again, bidding the listener to follow only as a sonic explorer.  ‘It Was Me’ has the temerity to spin off still further, into a courageous and deeply endearing realm of humour. Kloba plays with sound, and sometimes it even plays back.