Limited Edition Deep Heart CDs

There is a limited edition of physical copies of Deep Heart now available directly through me or on Bandcamp. The CD comes with a booklet with photos and full lyrics. Downloads and streaming are still available everywhere!

Deep Heart out July 6

Deep Heart was released on July 6, 2018.

Tracking for this album was finished in December 2017, but there were a few delays:

On December 31, I had a brain hemorrhage from a ruptured aneurysm while I was preparing dinner for our New Year’s Eve party. I was only unconscious for a short time, but have lost some memory of that particular night and I was in the Intensive Care Unit for two weeks.  They told me more than once I could have died if I would have been alone.  The ambulance came quickly. The neurosurgeons at Rush Hospital are who I owe my life to. They performed surgery, entering my leg to put a coil in the aneurysm.  I am thankful for each new day to be alive. My worst lingering effect from the aneurysm is my vision. I hope this is a temporary loss.  My memory is back and I can play all the songs I love to play.

When I listen to these songs, I feel I knew something was amiss in my head but I was not ready to leave this world yet.

My mother passed away in March, and I miss her more than I thought I would.

I decided to change mix engineers for a new perspective on the mixing. Mastering engineer Bob Katz recommended Andrew Diaz who does some work in his studio.  This is now the fifth album Bob has mastered.

2017 Recap and 2018 Preview

I will be releasing a new album titled Deep Heart in early 2018!

Here’s a recap of my activities in 2017:

I created another exclusive session in January for Mark Whitby at Dandelion Radio.  Two songs from the session have been completely reworked, and the new versions will appear on the new album.  The session is now available as a name-your-price download on bandcamp here: 
Marked Map: A Dandelion Radio Session.

Two tracks from my 2016 Album, Ghost in the Museum were remixed by Steve Kelly (under two of his many aliases):
I Am The Sweeper (Macerator Remix)
Ten Days (Douglas Deep Remix)

I contributed a new song, “He Lights Up” to a compilation titled Winter Solsticereleased by Vanguardista Records of Manchester, England. You can get it free on bandcamp here: He Lights Up.

I continue to get my best support from radio outside the US: In the UK, Germany and Canada. I prefer listening to these overseas stations because they play more varied genres and new music. They’re more interesting than most US stations.

I continue to collaborate with Paul Kent of Brighton, England on our project Kloba Kent.  Our song “Fools Make Walls” even made it into Dandelion Radio’s Festive 50 at number 28, making my third appearance in this listener poll!  You can get both Kloba Kent EPs on bandcamp here:
Naked in the Storm
That Road

April 2017 Update

In case you missed it, my song “Rescued” made #13 in Dandelion Radio’s 2016 Festive 50 listener poll.  (The countdown broadcast is available on Mixcloud.)

Also on Dandelion Radio, my January exclusive session, Marked Map is included in the archive of Mark Whitby’s show. And still available for download on Bandcamp.

Ghost in the Museum was featured as record of the week on James Norman’s “Junkshop Jukebox” at Colne Radio, (a web station that just got licensed to broadcast on FM starting in April).

I have also been collaborating in a project called KLOBA KENT with Paul Kent of Brighton. You can watch a Video for the latest song, “Fools Make Walls” on Youtube.