Deep Heart

Deep Heart was released July 6, 2018. Deep Heart by Diane Marie Kloba The seventh and latest release from Diane Marie Kloba is Deep Heart. In some ways, Deep Heart departs from Diane’s recent earlier work: There was no overarching concept to the album. … Continue reading

It Is All an Illusion

Diane Marie Kloba’s  fifth solo album titled It Is All an Illusion. It is available worldwide now.The recording continues the sonic exploration of her work and with some return to alternative rock styles, it also introduces a broader use of synthesizer to set … Continue reading

I Kid You Not

I Kid You Not was released on July 1, 2003. I Kid You Not by Diane Marie Kloba It was a lo-fi experiment which blended punk attitude, some sonic experimentation, subtle humor, and even some forays into hip-hop.  It was voted … Continue reading