• Find a Road In
    Find a Road In by Diane Marie Kloba

    My ninth album, Find a Road In was released January 2, 2023.

    Buy from Bandcamp or listen on:

  • Find A Road In – announcement of release date

    My next album ‘Find A Road In’ will be released On January 2, 2023. All the songs are written and performed by myself except where noted. Being written during the pandemic it is another reflective and innovative work with many parts. These is always a theme for each album. Find it.

  • Kloba Meets Westfront – New collaboration on Bandcamp only

    I put together an album of two new songs and a few others I wrote words and sang to with the amazing Jürgen Martens from Westfront on acoustic guitar. It is free and I hope you will take it

    Kloba Meets Westfront by Diane Marie Kloba and Westfront
  • Virgin State EP

    I am putting the finishing touches on my album Find a Road In now.

    Until it is ready I have just released a free download on Bandcamp with six tracks I produced for a two different sessions for Mark Whitby at Dandelion Radio in 2020 and 2021. The first three ended up on Orion Before Dawn in updated versions. The other will be included (in updated versions) on Find a Road In!

    I chose the title Virgin State because you can hear the songs in their virgin state:

    Virgin State by Diane Marie Kloba

  • Response to Orion Before Dawn

    Listeners of Dandelion Radio voted two songs from Orion Before Dawn onto the 2020 Festive 50 countdown. (which continues the tradition started by John Peel). “This is a Prayer” appeared at #27 and No Pause in Rhythm landed at #44! This is the third time I’ve appeared on the list, and the first time I have two songs in the list!

    Mastering Engineer Bob Katz had this to say on his Facebook Page:

    Performance artist from Chicago, a sincere woman who I am privileged to know. I’ve mastered several of her CDs. And the most recent “Orion Before Dawn”, I mastered and was mixed by one of my mix engineers, the extraordinaire Aaron PhatChief Gandia. Aaron invented, along with input from me, numerous super special effects to accompany these eclectic and loving poem-songs by Diane Marie.

    The album is doing well in Germany and the UK. It made a prestigious list at Dandelion Radio’s Festive Fifty. This is where people from all over the world vote for the best 50 songs of the year. Diane tells me this is the fourth time her music made this list, in the company of many well-known artistes. Two of the songs, “This is a Prayer” and “No Pause in Rhythm” made it to the list this year.

    For this album, Aaron and I wanted to help it tell a story. For example, “No Pause in Rhythm” has a rather eclectic rhythm to it.

    Diane wants to tell everyone that “the extreme joy and pride of knowing people listen to my music is a gift to me.”

  • Orion Before Dawn

    Orion Before Dawn was released September 21, 2020.

    Orion Before Dawn by Diane Marie Kloba

    It is a holistic album. Orion Before Dawn incorporates more electronic sounds in the music than previous releases.

    I hope my music makes people feel happy.

  • New album title ‘Orion before Dawn’

    You can get an early listen to my new album by listening to Mark Whitby show on for the month of July and a session of three more songs on his September show

  • New video of a new song for my next album
    I am working on my next album and am very excited about the new songs. You can see a live version of “Shaman” in my video section.
  • [sic] Magazine Review of Deep Heart

    [sic] Magazine recently featured album picks of 2018 from different artists, and the list from Twilight Fields included my latest, Deep Heart:

    I am not normally drawn to sparse, dryly produced, quirky, almost 90s-style indie music and abstract lyrics, but Kloba does this sort of thing better than anyone I’ve heard…her voice is a meandering coo, her lyrics are beguiling. She’s a buried American musical treasure that deserves to be unearthed, because you don’t come across a true original very often.

  • Deep Heart Acoustic
    Three of the tracks from my November 2018 session for Mark Whitby on Dandelion Radio are now available for a free download on Bandcamp: Deep Heart Acoustic: A Dandelion Radio Session by Diane Marie Kloba
  • Winter Solstice
    Back in late 2017, I contributed a track “He Lights Up” to the Winter Solstice compilation album from Vanguardista Records.  For 2018, the compilation is being re-released with a bonus track and new artwork: Winter Solstice by Vanguardista Records My track was reviewed briefly by Mark Barton at The Sunday Experience:
    “Must admit, we here are quite adoring of Diane Marie Kloba’s slyly snaking ‘he lights up’ its fraying slacker-esque turning emitting a subtle sinister shadow to the proceedings that curiously hits something of a Television-esque grooving.”
  • Limited Edition Deep Heart CDs
    There is a limited edition of physical copies of Deep Heart now available directly through me or on Bandcamp. The CD comes with a booklet with photos and full lyrics. Downloads and streaming are still available everywhere!
  • New album ‘Deep Heart’
    Most of my radio and streaming airplay for the new album and last has been in the U.K. and Germany. It is being received very well. Where are my U.S. Radio supporters? Aren’t you guys cool enough?
  • Deep Heart
    Deep Heart was released July 6, 2018. Deep Heart by Diane Marie Kloba The seventh release from Diane Marie Kloba is Deep Heart. In some ways, Deep Heart departs from Diane’s recent earlier work: There was no overarching concept to the album. The lyrical subject matter takes a step away from her previous work: She introduces some enigmatic new characters and situations, and mostly avoids the subject of art itself and its creation. While some arrangements are more stripped down with a hint of folk-blues, the title track is lush with synthesizers and layered guitar.  It is Diane’s first time working with a new mix engineer, Andrew Diaz. Also included are remastered versions of the Soundcloud hit “Thunder” (featuring Westfront), and “He Lights Up”, previously available only on the Vanguardista Records Winter Solstice compilation. Credits: All music and lyrics by Diane Marie Kloba except: “Thunder” music by Jürgen Mertens and Diane Marie Kloba All instruments and vocals by Diane Marie Kloba except: Theodore Kloba: Bass guitar, bass synth on “Deep Heart”, drum programming on “Rubber Soled”. Jürgen Mertens: All instruments on “Thunder”. Mixed by Andrew Diaz except: “Thunder” and “He Lights Up” mixed by Theodore Kloba Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain
  • 2017 Recap and 2018 Preview
    I will be releasing a new album titled Deep Heart in early 2018! Here’s a recap of my activities in 2017: I created another exclusive session in January for Mark Whitby at Dandelion Radio.  Two songs from the session have been completely reworked, and the new versions will appear on the new album.  The session is now available as a name-your-price download on bandcamp here:  Marked Map: A Dandelion Radio Session. Two tracks from my 2016 Album, Ghost in the Museum were remixed by Steve Kelly (under two of his many aliases): I Am The Sweeper (Macerator Remix) Ten Days (Douglas Deep Remix) I contributed a new song, “He Lights Up” to a compilation titled Winter Solsticereleased by Vanguardista Records of Manchester, England. You can get it free on bandcamp here: He Lights Up. I continue to get my best support from radio outside the US: In the UK, Germany and Canada. I prefer listening to these overseas stations because they play more varied genres and new music. They’re more interesting than most US stations. I continue to collaborate with Paul Kent of Brighton, England on our project Kloba Kent.  Our song “Fools Make Walls” even made it into Dandelion Radio’s Festive 50 at number 28, making my third appearance in this listener poll!  You can get both Kloba Kent EPs on bandcamp here: Naked in the Storm That Road
  • April 2017 Update
    In case you missed it, my song “Rescued” made #13 in Dandelion Radio’s 2016 Festive 50 listener poll.  (The countdown broadcast is available on Mixcloud.) Also on Dandelion Radio, my January exclusive session, Marked Map is included in the archive of Mark Whitby’s show. And still available for download on Bandcamp. Ghost in the Museum was featured as record of the week on James Norman’s “Junkshop Jukebox” at Colne Radio, (a web station that just got licensed to broadcast on FM starting in April). I have also been collaborating in a project called KLOBA KENT with Paul Kent of Brighton. You can watch a Video for the latest song, “Fools Make Walls” on Youtube.
  • Marked Map: A Dandelion Radio Session
    Four new tracks produced for an exclusive session on Mark Whitby’s January 2017 show on Dandelion Radio: Marked Map: A Dandelion Radio Session by Diane Marie Kloba    
  • New Exclusive Session on Dandelion Radio
    Throughout the month of January 2017, Mark Whitby will be featuring four new songs in an exclusive session for Dandelion Radio! Check the Dandelion Radio broadcast schedule to see when his show will be streaming. (Schedule is in UK time, so be sure to convert to your own time zone!) The session will be available as a pay-what-you-want download on Bandcamp in February 2017 here: [bandcamp album=2649596993 size=venti bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 transparent=true tracklist=true]
  • Mark Whitby reviews Ghost in the Museum
    From Mark Whitby’s review of Ghost in the Museum:

    …in Kloba’s hands, ancient pre-existing musical notes are dragged into the world and twisted into new, enticing shapes.  ‘The answer is already in your mind’ we’re reminded in ‘A Thousand Pretty Strings’, one of the album’s many highlights.

    Read the rest on Unwashed Territories.
  • Ghost in the Museum out now!
    Ghost in the Museum is available now on BandcampCD BabyAmazon mp3, iTunes and Spotify. Others will follow soon. For a limited time you can download the single “Ancient Art” free on Bandcamp! [bandcamp size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=2670908562 transparent=true]
  • Ghost in the Museum
    Ghost In The Museum was  released January 26, 2016. POST-PUNK, AVANT-POP, UNTAMED-ELECTRO SONG POEMS. Ghost in the Museum by Diane Marie Kloba This album is a multi layered rich collection of songs using guitars, synthesizer and drums as the main back drop for poems with hidden dual meanings amidst haunting sonic atmosphere. The album focuses on the spirit seemingly left behind in an artist’s chosen medium, be it painting, sculpting or music. The musical elements extend down to the center of the earth while vocals sweep you way back up to the North pole. Layers of bass are enhanced with melody creating dimension and space with large picturesque landscapes of sound. Instruments come in and out giving depth and variety to these short song/poems. Credits: All instruments and voices by Diane Marie Kloba, except: Darlene Wentland-Wiktor: Backing vocals on “A Thousand Pretty Strings”, “I Am the Sweeper”, “Only Summer Brings”, “Rescued” and “Waters of Amrita” Ted Kloba: Bass guitar, baritone guitar, lead guitar on “A Thousand Pretty Strings”, piano on “Ancient Art”, fiddle on “I Am the Sweeper”, drum editing on “Foolosopher Part 2”, backing vocals on “A Thousand Pretty Strings” and “Waters of Amrita” Kevin Wiktor: Drums on “A Thousand Pretty Strings”, “Ancient Art” and “Rescued”, percussion on “I Am the Sweeper”, backing vocals on “A Thousand Pretty Strings” and “Rescued” “Foolosopher Part 2” contains portions of “80BPM Drum Grooves – Fat!” by George Lindsay, licensed under Creative Commons-Atribution 3.0. Mixed by Ryan Albrecht Mastered by Bob Katz
  • New Album GHOST IN THE MUSEUM Coming Soon
    My new Album Ghost in the Museum will be released on January 26, 2016! Watch here for information on how to get a free song download during release week. Here is a “3D” preview of the cover artwork for Ghost in the Museum.
  • Oliver Arditi reviews Dandelion Exclusives
    From Oliver Arditi’s review of Dandelion Exclusives:
    This is a work of pronounced creative maturity, turning our attention to Kloba’s quizzical observations with a deft, un-manipulative touch, and employing the simple resources of guitar pop with singular power.
    Read the rest…
  • Dandelion Exclusives
    These tracks were originally produced for Mark Whitby’s July 2014 show on Dandelion Radio.
    Dandelion Exclusives by Diane Marie Kloba
  • Dandelion Exclusives Now Available on Bandcamp
    Three new tracks, produced for Mark Whitby’s July 2014 show on Dandelion Radio are now available free on Bandcamp. Please download and enjoy! [bandcamp album=2273773727 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=0687f5 size=venti transparent=true]
  • Dandelion Exclusives
    Throughout the month of July, Mark Whitby’s show on Dandelion Radio featured three exclusive tracks: “His Jacket”, “Rescue” and “Foolosopher”. You can’t hear them anywhere else. The show is archived on Mixcloud:
  • 2013
    I had a good year. Did my first solo shows. Released a new album. Got on some favorite of the year lists. That makes me happy. Even having reviewers mention my music is a nice boost. Thanks to all of you who have supported my music, I know it’s not pop so the masses won’t understand it. I wouldn’t change it to be popular, but I am so thrilled when others like it. I am busy making another album. This one is coming out different yet again. I change with my influences.
  • Festive 50
    Listeners of Dandelion Radio voted my song “I Saw the Stars” into #14 of the Festive 50 for 2013!
  • It Is All an Illusion
    Diane Marie Kloba’s  fifth solo album titled It Is All an Illusion. It is available worldwide now.The recording continues the sonic exploration of her work and with some return to alternative rock styles, it also introduces a broader use of synthesizer to set the mood. It Is All an Illusion by Diane Marie Kloba This album has a song that made number 14 on the Festive Fifty for 2013 on Dandelion Radio and received good reviews. (see review section) The song themes are a development of the more haunting songs on I Am an Unknown Artist. The focus is on the struggle to rise above the effects of a sudden, unexpected loss. Still, before its conclusion, Diane Marie Kloba’s trademark hopefulness shines through, along with her fascination with weather and the heavens. Please check the review or about section if you wish to know more about her music
  • I Am an Unknown Artist
    I Am an Unknown Artist is Diane Marie Kloba’s fourth album, released March 8, 2011. I Am an Unknown Artist by Diane Marie Kloba Its musical foundation is built of Diane’s own guitars, vocals and acoustic percussion with occasional contributions from a small group of collaborators. The voices on I Am an Unknown Artist are always emotive, ranging from lullaby-sweet (“To Live Up to It”) through urgent hollering (“Diane Has Words”) to haunted (“It Rained”). The lyrics grow from self-reflection tempered with a dose of humor and of wordplay. The album opens with a love song (“To Live Up To It”) but thoughts soon turn to the nature of creativity, motivation, persistence and the passage of time. The hypnotic “That’s How It Goes” finds the singer stargazing and draws parallels between light pollution obscuring the night sky and human isolation. A wry raggedness shows up on “It Was Me”, a lumbering and clamorous reworking of the “it’s not you—it’s me” cliché. Surf guitar and spy music themes are reduced to their bare essentials on the rocker “No Standing Still”, telling of a soul on the mend pushing forward. There are some departures from earlier work: There is a more intimate treatment of the vocals and an introduction of some orchestral textures. To help get this done, Kloba enlisted mix engineer Ryan Albrecht, better known in classical circles, and Grammy-winning perfectionist mastering engineer Bob Katz to add final polish. Despite the newfound textures and polish, I Am an Unknown Artist still emphasizes the economy employed in Kloba’s prior recordings. Nothing is wasted; what is present is essential and empty space is given its due respect.
  • For You, Stranger
    For You, Stranger was released on august 12, 2008. For You, Stranger by Diane Marie Kloba It marked the start of Diane Marie Kloba’s most overtly experimental effort, intentionally shunning pop conceits, but still keeping the idea of the song as a short and self contained work.
  • Messages from the Ionosphere
    Messages from the Ionosphere was released May 31, 2005 on Striped Shirt Records. Messages From the Ionosphere by Diane Marie Kloba Messages from the Ionosphere featured some of the bigger guitar sounds that Diane favored before I Kid You Not; there are also a couple acoustic numbers singer-songwriter tunes and one piece of “beat poetry” with just flute, words, and percussion. Of course there are songs about star watching, appreciating joys of life and dreams, both the day and night varieties. With her poetry sometimes comes a bit of silliness, finding humor in seriousness.
  • I Kid You Not
    I Kid You Not was released on July 1, 2003. I Kid You Not by Diane Marie Kloba It was a lo-fi experiment which blended punk attitude, some sonic experimentation, subtle humor, and even some forays into hip-hop.  It was voted the number 10 best album in the Village Voice “Pazz and Jop” poll.
  • This Is Worth Something

    Diane Marie Kloba’s first solo effort, This Is Worth Something was a DIY effort produced under the stage name TAFKAD in 2001 and sold at shows. The CD is out of print, but the tracks are now available for free listening on soundcloud.

  • The Silent Workers: Quark
    Quark - Cover ArtIn 1997, as a member of The Silent Workers, Diane Marie Kloba contributed vocals, guitars and songwriting to their sole full length album release, Quark.  Although the band has been on hiatus for several years, all the band members helped out in sessions for her early solo albums.